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January 23 is a memorial day of Allen Collins, guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd
So Freebird Radio features Southern Rock from Jan.22 to 24iJapan date)
Enjoy the Skynyrd Tunes loud!

Classic Rock?
Southern Rock? Westcoast Rock? Country Rock? Hard Rock? Ballad? Top 40? Hawaiian Rock? Hakata Mentai Rock?
All you can Listen and Discover the Rock & Roll Treasures here! 

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Classic Rock Still Rocks!
Internet Broadcasting from Tokyo, Japan
Playing The Best Classic Rock 24 Hours A Day

Now Freebird Radio affiliates with Mr. Joel Allen for "Live Cuts" Program. Enjoy the great show!
Broadcast at Every Friday & Sunday 22:00 (Japan Standard Time)

"CRANK IT UP to an hour of the best live music ever recorded from some
of your favorite classic rock artists. Let Joel Allen take you back to
when live music was king and concerts ruled the world!
LIVE CUTS - Re-Live The Experience"

To: Stream rippers
Our station and all the SHOUTcast stations are not for ripping
Your connection is monitored and logged
Don't use it!
if you don't wanna be banned.
Our station plays music with crossfade, so ripped stuff is out of use..

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
----Ronnie Vant Zant----

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Allen Collins and Ronnie Vant Zant


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