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scoots: Poco Rocks
14-01-2010 3:46:am
rockmusic: please hiro play Davils Night of Max or Vice
03-01-2010 4:04:am
rockmusic: Hey Hiro can you listen Max Simmonds, really his album is great
03-01-2010 3:47:am
rockmusic: congratulations this page is amazin
03-01-2010 3:46:am
rockmusic: [URL]
03-01-2010 3:45:am
rock_music: Max Simmonds is a real rocker
03-01-2010 3:35:am
hiro: Happy new year! wish to be the best year for you.
03-01-2010 1:48:am
hiro: Merry Christmas!
25-12-2009 3:12:pm
hiro: Hey davekel, nice request! My Man is great song. Thanks
22-11-2009 12:44:am
woogie: great music Hiro San
02-10-2009 2:09:am
woogie: Hiro you are the man.Freebird radio Rocks like country rock.
02-10-2009 1:41:am
hiro: Now up and running
26-09-2009 12:27:am
hiro: Freebird radio is now offline
25-09-2009 11:23:pm
hiro: Hi Eiji-san, welcome aboard! Enjoy!
23-09-2009 12:47:am
hiro: Thanks everybody. This is your radio and a place for all the country-rock fans. Country-rock still rocks!
23-09-2009 12:45:am
woogie: hi Hiro, great music.Looking forward to the new TBS cd.Country rock still rockin
20-09-2009 4:24:am
joefrommilwaukee: To Hiro, best internet DJ of all time. Thanks
05-09-2009 12:35:pm
davekel: awesome Richie Furray song just played!!!
05-09-2009 5:32:am
woogie: Hi Hiro, still playing great music my man.Thanks Freebird radio rocks.
05-09-2009 3:22:am
woogie: R I P Dan Seals
22-08-2009 3:35:am
joefrommilwaukee: Hiro, nice Hawaiian pool
17-08-2009 11:17:am
davekel: Dan FOgelberg was not just Acoustic... He COULD ROCK
16-08-2009 4:40:am
woogie: great music hiro, thanks, country rock rocks
10-08-2009 2:46:am
sunsetkidd: greggroyce: great Jackson request
10-08-2009 1:40:am
hiro: Hi woogie! thanks for coming here!
09-08-2009 2:47:am
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