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hiro: damn, big earthquake hit Japan. but I'm ok, many people died
12-03-2011 1:42:am
hiro: Radio server trouble was fixed, now up and running
06-03-2011 8:11:am
hiro: Sorry, radio server is having trouble now.
06-03-2011 6:55:am
hiro: RIP Allen Collins
24-01-2011 1:04:am
hiro: joefrommilwaukee, thanks always for listenning and Happy New Year!
01-01-2011 9:25:am
joefrommilwaukee: Happy New Year to Hiro.
31-12-2010 11:25:am
hiro: Rest In Peace, Dan
16-12-2010 10:17:pm
hot_water: ty hiro great site
28-11-2010 10:25:am
hiro: Hot Water, welcome to the Freebird Radio, enjoy!
27-11-2010 1:37:pm
hiro: I changed the site style. How do you feel about this woody style?
15-11-2010 1:12:am
joefrommilwaukee: Do you like it, or love it? Thanks Hiro!
14-11-2010 1:09:pm
hiro: RIP Richie and Kenny
26-08-2010 1:49:am
oneshot5072: Is their anybody out there???
06-07-2010 2:57:am
hiro: I wanted to watch Japan vs Spain game. USA also did great job!
03-07-2010 4:23:am
joefrommilwaukee: Good job Japan national soccer team
30-06-2010 1:14:pm
hiro: Go Japan Go!
30-06-2010 12:57:am
davekel: Hiro thank you for laoding Hillman's 'Slippin Away... told you it was good!
26-06-2010 6:13:am
hiro: Good to see Greggroyce, thanks for SHF's On The Line. nice request!
30-05-2010 2:48:am
Astrid: Blessed Easter for your team, Hiro!
05-04-2010 6:09:pm
Astrid: Whoa, Dan Fogelberg - Lonely in love - I love this song. I wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend so far away!
27-03-2010 8:52:am
Astrid: Thank you Hiro, have a nice sunday, my dear friend! Hugs!
07-03-2010 5:56:pm
hiro: Freebird radio is back from server troubles.
08-02-2010 11:30:pm
scoots: gtreat station hiro
23-01-2010 10:31:am
davekel: HIro; Try listening to Chris Hillmans "SLIPPIN AWAY" IT WILL BEC
19-01-2010 7:26:am
davekel: Hiro: Glad you like My Man. It is the eaglesl tribute to Gram Parsons
19-01-2010 7:03:am
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