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hiro: I'm so sorry to hear that. Dan singing for you Don't Lose Heart. and I'll play Dan's Birds for you too. God bless you
10-05-2012 7:20:pm
DanF_Fan_Astrid: I'm so sorry, Hiro. My husband is died on cancer last month. I'm so sad, but that's life! Your music is my soul. Hugs
10-05-2012 7:01:pm
hiro: Hi DanF_Fan_Astrid, long time no see you, How are you doin'?
10-05-2012 7:00:pm
hiro: Thank you ken_guru8591, enjoy request and music!
10-05-2012 6:58:pm
DanF_Fan_Astrid: Thanks for the wonderful music and cordial greetings from Germany!
10-05-2012 6:33:pm
ken_guru8591: best one !!! : ))
04-05-2012 2:26:pm
hiro: Rest In Peace, Levon Helm
21-04-2012 12:21:am
woogie: Hey Hiro I am having a ball requesting and hearing all my favourite country rock.Thanks for a Great radio station.Absolutely the best around.Thanks buddy.You da man.
16-02-2012 3:33:am
woogie: Hey Hiro thanks for the best radio station around.Great music I just love it.best wishes to you and yours.
30-01-2012 1:23:am
hiro: Welcome back, woogie! Enjoy requests.
25-01-2012 12:26:am
woogie: Hi Hiro, Happy New Year,glad to be back listening to Freebird radio with No streaming problems.Best wishes to you and yours.
21-01-2012 3:18:am
hiro: Merry Christmas everyone!
24-12-2011 11:31:pm
hiro: Hi, Robert from Mexico
24-12-2011 11:31:pm
robert_from_mexico: in mexico the time is 8:29 pm
22-12-2011 11:29:am
robert_from_mexico: yours a great radio congratulations i listen you everyday
22-12-2011 11:28:am
Fortiske: You can follow Classic Rock also at Google+ You're welcome!
08-11-2011 5:53:pm
joefrommilwaukee: Rest in peace Masa Sanada, hall of famer,goal keeper for Shimuzu S-Pulse.
10-09-2011 11:23:am
hiro: Thanks Joe, it was so nice game, I can't believe Japan win.USA team is also great and strong as champion.
18-07-2011 11:46:pm
joefrommilwaukee: Shout out to Japan World cup team
18-07-2011 9:26:am
Clancee: Thanks, Hiro
18-05-2011 11:14:pm
hiro: Clancee, welcome aboard! nice requests.
14-05-2011 1:13:am
gvsunde: JD Souther!
29-04-2011 7:22:pm
gvsunde: JD,JB
29-04-2011 7:20:pm
hiro: Thank you Fortiske, I just arrived my home. Very hard earthquakes!
12-03-2011 2:21:pm
Fortiske: Glad you are save! Our th oughts will be at the people of Japan
12-03-2011 4:26:am
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