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hiro : Thanks, woogie. I want to be this site mobile friendly but it's difficult.Sorry.
16-09-2018 10:40:am
woogie : Hi Hiro, I like the new layout and the great music.
14-09-2018 7:05:pm
hiro : falcon52, very glad to see you again!
27-08-2018 11:35:pm
falcon52 : Hiro, glad you're back!! Best music ever.
07-08-2018 12:46:pm
hiro : Thanks eiji, Good to see you again.
29-07-2018 4:36:pm
eiji : congratulations. It seems that we have left the long long tunnel. And the youth 's days came back to us.
23-07-2018 6:30:am
Noah: i want eagles
03-07-2014 10:33:am
Blueser: Great Station. Greetings from Croatia
22-05-2013 7:24:pm
Rebel_Chick: Check out Amberson-Baggett band from Alabama, hot new southern rock!
12-04-2013 7:50:am
woogie: Here's wishing Hiro a Happy New Year.
28-12-2012 12:59:am
woogie: just to wish Timothy B schmit a speedy return to full health.
22-12-2012 3:27:am
Naomi: Hey!!
03-12-2012 7:15:am
TheMasterBaker.org: This is my favorite station other than my own. Thanks for the great tunes.
17-09-2012 10:24:am
TheMasterBaker.org: Great station!
13-09-2012 10:03:am
ken_guru8591: still the best !!!
02-09-2012 11:57:pm
woogie: Hi Hiro, hope you are doing good.Thanks for a great radio station.
26-08-2012 2:42:am
hiro: DanF_Fan_Astrid, thank you so much!
26-07-2012 7:21:pm
DanF_Fan_Astrid: Dear Hiro, happy lately Birthday and specialy health! Sincerely Astrid
22-07-2012 2:17:am
hiro: Woogie, thank you! I enjoyed my birthday.
10-07-2012 12:25:am
woogie: Happy Birthday Hiro best wishes-from Woogie
09-07-2012 2:28:am
woogie: Hi Hiro yep I'm enjoying the requests.Getting to hear loads of good music.sort of try and buy Lol.Best wishes to you and your family.Thanks for the great music on Freebird radio.
10-06-2012 12:19:am
hiro: Hi woogie, nice requests!
06-06-2012 2:21:am
ken_guru8591: Hi Freebird !! you re still gorgeous !!!
20-05-2012 1:18:am
DanF_Fan_Astrid: Happy Mother's Day all listener!
14-05-2012 2:06:am
DanF_Fan_Astrid: Oh, thank you so much, Hiro. God bless you!
10-05-2012 7:24:pm
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