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Mackey Feary
Mackey Feary Band
Mason Proffit
Matthews Southern Comfort
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
Michael Dinner
Michael Johnson
Michael Martin Murphey
Molly Hatchet


Bare Back Rider
Come And Gone
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
Movin' Toward Happiness
Rockfish Crossing
Wanted! Mason Proffitt
Song Avg
1. Voice Of Change (Album Version) 0
2. A Rectangle Picture (Album Version) 0
3. You Finally Found Your Love (Album Version) 0
4. Sweet Lady Love (Album Version) 0
5. Stewball (Album Version) 0
6. Two Hangmen (Album Version) 0
7. Buffalo (Album Version) 0
8. Walk On Down The Road (Album Version) 0
9. It's All Right (Album Version) 0
10. Till The Sun's Gone (Album Version) 0
11. Johnny's Tune (Album Version) 0
12. Michael Dodge (Album Version) 0
13. Hard Luck Woman (Album Version) 0
14. Children (Album Version) 0
15. Hokey Joe Pony (Album Version) 0
16. Flying Arrow (Album Version) 0
18. Good Friend Of Mary's (Album Version) 0
19. He Loves Them (Album Version) 0
20. Melinda (Album Version) 0
21. Let Me Know Where You're Going (Album Version) 0
22. Everybody Was Wrong (Album Version) 0
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