Attn: Music Director - Americana Song Submission
Date: Thursday, June 13 @ 01:07:44 JST
Topic: Notice for everyone

Hello, I am submitting my songs "Caught Up" and "Drive On" which are attached for your review. There are also links and contact information below. If you need anything else from me just let me know! Artist: Justin Kemp Bio: My name is Justin Kemp. I am a professional singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. With over 25 years’ experience on the music scene my main passion is song writing, but I also like to cut loose on stage solo or with The Justin Kemp Band. Category: Americana/Country Songs: Caught Up (Country/Top 40), Drive On (Americana/Country) Links: YouTube Music Video_ “Caught Up” YouTube Music Video_ “Drive On” YouTube Channel: Website: Facebook:

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